Why join Minerva Nursing – Latest Blog from Fel Johnson 25/10/2019

Working for an agency is easier than having another job as you choose when you want to work, and you’re not tied to any contract.

Joining a recruitment agency is much easier than applying to numerous different places. You have the choice to work full time or part time so you can choose the hours that suit you best. Also, you gain experience working in different places providing you the opportunity to find out where your skills are best placed. The support from the agency is important, guidance, learning courses and development opportunities are available which increases employability and advances your career. Weekly wages are also a massive bonus, allowing you to budget better.

Flexibility, and we have competitive rates nationwide. It also gives a way to get onto different wards and get more experience which can be limited with just working at one trust. I gain some of my best clinical knowledge and experience working as an agency worker for almost 10 years.

From my experience in recruitment, Agency workers are also able to adapt quickly to new surroundings. There is an expectation that you will walk in the door and be able to get on with the job.

It is a real skill to learn a new clinical environment, processes, procedures, terminology -as well as everyone’s name and role- and to be able to do this speedily, efficiently, and professionally. This is one skill that will really stand you in good stead in your career!
I have listed some of the benefits of registering with Minerva Nursing for agency work, most have come from my extensive background and experience working in healthcare as an agency worker.

As an ODP working on agency, I have been qualified for over 27 years and been in healthcare recruitment for almost 13 years.
The Benefits of Working with Minerva Nursing:

• You can choose where to work
• You can choose when to work
• You don’t have to work in areas you don’t like
• Experience of different wards and specialities – clinical skill development
• Experience of different hospitals and wards – is this somewhere I would like to work?
• Getting to know an area/ward – may help when applying for roles in the future
• Increases employability – in terms of skills and experience
• Increases confidence, adaptability and flexibility
• You are not tied to a contract for a certain number of hours
• We can offer you a choice of either NHS or Private sector work
• A choice of how you wish to be paid, PAYE or Umbrella
• 99.9% payroll accuracy
• Support when you need it from our candidate liaison officer
• The business is owned by nurses for nurses

Finally, if you want to boost the opportunity to find a good position with one application, consider joining Minerva Nursing

You will have a dedicated Account Manager who will take the time to really understand you, and your clinical experience and will work with you to offer you the shifts matching your availability. We have a simple quick and easy registration process; and a generous referral scheme in place if you recommend a colleague or friend to join.

If you are looking for a permanent role, we also work with external organisations recruiting nurses for perm role. We are your one stop Healthcare Recruitment Agency that aims to put our healthcare professionals and clients first.

We can also offer interview coaching for those nurses currently applying for permanent roles with Minerva Nursing.

Dedicated compliance team, they are in hand to assist and support you during your time with us.

We aim to give you the best customer experience, we have several ex clinicians on our team and all our accounts manages have extensive healthcare Recruitment experience, so no awkward conversation trying to explain what your clinical experience is.

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