• 3 Facts About Medical Equipments Doctors Don’t Tell You

    3 Facts About Medical Equipments Doctors Don’t Tell You

    There are some interesting things about the medical practitioners and the equipments they use which you might not be aware of. While the medical needs and equipments are always changing, some facts remain the same.


    • Used medical devices are often as safe and effective as used devices. While one might hesitate before buying those used models, it often leads to considerable savings. When insurance companies look at the price of a medical device, they might be more open to a used and cheaper device. A refurbished medical item goes through thorough cleaning and sterilisation before undergoing a series of trials to get certified for resale. Do not dismiss the idea blindly.
    • If the device is carrying a “for single use only” sticker that does not mean it is indeed for single use only. One must realise that the manufacturer’s are free to put this sticker on any device they sell and this decision might often be driven by financial gain and not patient safety. As long as the item has been cleaned, sterilised and checked for reuse, and follows the norms of the governing bodies, most of these devices can be reused very safely. In fact, many nursing agencies in London will advocate in favour of this practice.

    Whatever you need, you can lease as well. In fact, leasing often makes sense for doctors and patients alike. Medical equipments are often very costly and the need of it might be limited. Moreover, not all medical equipments are covered in the insurance. However, be sure that the item has been thoroughly cleaned, sterilised and safe to use. All these can be assured if you lease it either from a nursing agency like us or a reputable medical equipment supplier.


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